Equation of Love

April 19, 2009
By mateen black BRONZE, Augusta, Georgia
mateen black BRONZE, Augusta, Georgia
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Looking down apon you,eyes admiring your face. Hope you can give me love because thats one thing i'm to tired to chase...Weak, mind lost. Everything including love has a certain cost...Opening the heart for it to be cared for or hurt. Relationships are hard, willing to put in the work?...The question for me is rhetorical, everything done full extent. Think i don't get hurt too? You must got me bent...Bounce back like the flash. Nothing left to fear, my heart survived the crash...But this sense of trust for you came from space. Took my heart, ran with it, and never left a trace...Other halfs are rare. They see us together, i no longer wonder why they stare...But love is like an equation, don't know you can do it until you try. So there is no point in asking questions like how? or why?...Two hearts came from the sky, caught in my glove. The answer to the equation is 1 heart + another = Love.....

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