April 18, 2009
By Alisha Gonzalez BRONZE, Moorcroft, Wyoming
Alisha Gonzalez BRONZE, Moorcroft, Wyoming
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Forevermore youll stay with me close
Just like the father, son and holy goast
the time of day is so far gone
like time keeps moving on and on.
I can hardly reach for you, even in my dreams
it feels as if your only a goast
still as time so cold and grey
only to see that it is to late.
Forevermore I walk with you
down this lonley shores that I call home
as I watch the sea take the lost souls away
i think and wonder if that will be us one day?
Forevermore will that be yours
forevermore I walk these shores.
Forevermore I watch the fog come in
to sweep you away from me once again.
Forevermore my heart is sad
cause I sit and think of what I once had.
Forevermore I cry out your name
to hear nothing in silence but my heart in pain.
Forevermore I wonder if it can be true
or will the lost souls slowly drift away at sea along with you.
Or will the sea just cry out your name
or will I cry to you with deep hidden pain?
Forevermore i'll think of you
not a day goes by I dont feel pain over you.
Forevermore i'll relize what I had
and relize that it wasn't so bad.
Forevermore youll stay close with me
and maybe someday i'll be ok
but for right now ill pray for you everyday.
Forevermore you'll always stay
and never drift away,
forevermore i'll think about you
hoping to wake up to find out it wasnt true

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