Something's Wrong

April 18, 2009
By Anonymous

I know that something is wrong with my mind
I try every night but I just can’t cry
Something is wrong with my sick, twisted head
Sometimes I’ve even wished I were dead
But, then today something magical happened
I finally think that I got his attention
As he rounded the corner, and I rounded mine
A priceless moment, happened, not worth a dime
He stared in my eyes, deep down to my soul
If he weren’t real I were to think him as a ghoul
In that glistening moment, a voice I conspire
Said something dreaded that I did not desire
I turned around to see that voice gone
But the sight I next saw was most horribly wrong
But the eyes I just saw had just left his heart
As if he was the groom and his bride left the arch
I want to see those caring, loving eyes
Not the secrets, or the dirty lies

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