April 17, 2009
By a-scene GOLD, North Charleston, South Carolina
a-scene GOLD, North Charleston, South Carolina
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I fear no god

I fear no man or woman

I do not fear death

I do not fear the doomsday stomp

I fear nothing but a simple feeling

the feeling of love

i fear that i may get hurt

i fear that my heart will give out

Because of your greed

I fear that my body will bleed out

Because of your lust

I fear that my sorrow will drown me

in a pool that you created

I fear that my end

will be nothing but a small bump in the road for you

I fear that my body

will be your ever so sweet ambrosia

I fear that my love
was your heroin just to get you by in the day
I fear that my soul
will go into your collection of the deceived
I fear that your black rose
will never reach my grave
I fear that your affection
was a fairy tale to put me to bed at night
So please....
Kill all my fears and bury them for good
And show me in the end
That this was all for something
And your love will bring life into this heartless chest

The author's comments:
I know there is more people who have felt this way before.

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