April 17, 2009
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Bombs fly through
The air like a
Graceful bird
As Tears
Pregnant to will
The lies of
A dishonest man
Erode the nation of its pride
The cries of many below
Through the city
Like the Thunderous
Roar of a cannon
The soulless shells
Tear through
The body as
The nation
Go down
On its knees.
The patriot blood
Is spilled like water by an
Infant child.
Buildings crumble
To the ground
As the earth
Is choking
On what use to
Be a nation,
Now, a bloody
The pride of
One man,
has crippled
the minds
of millions.
And the lies of
Of man
Have stolen
The lives
Of many.
A murder
With the illusion
Of good.
A rebel
Without a cause.
He is….

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