Small like your ment to

April 17, 2009
By Roxy.Ridr SILVER, Portsmouth, Other
Roxy.Ridr SILVER, Portsmouth, Other
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small child run like your ment to ... playing so innocent just like they told you
a face of purity with hands so small...but yet they still took you looked in your eyes to
dragged you along... screaming and yet to you this was just a game
soon youd get used to them calling you by your name
a face in a crowd surronded by this stranger
but how can something so small cry out danger
everything you were told running through your head
will you ever remember what your mum and dad said
dont cross the road , dont talk to strangers but nothing now as you brake each one
the game they started turns out to be nothing like fun
running in circles to start your life a knew
less do you see now less see you
this little child so innocent in nothing but a trap
longing to be held at to sit apon her dads lap
and now she is nothing , for they are nothing to her,
a picture of innocence stamped with forever.....

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