Fake Smile

April 16, 2009
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i get up in the morning
put my make-up on real quick.
i see that its pouring,
and i eventually decide not to act sick.
first i put on my coat,
then i tie my shoe strings,
and finally, i take medicine for my throat...
i think i forgot something...
oh yes. i see.
its something i haven't forgotten in a while...
its something i always need...
its my oftenly used fake smile.
maybe i wont put it on today.
no. nevermind. that would be very bad.
i know what everyone would say,
if i went to school sad.
everyone would fall to the ground
if i didnt put on that smile of mine.
our world would completely turn around...
so maybe ill wear it a few more times.
but what would happen?
if i let my feelings show?
its not the world would really end
if i let everyone know.
but, i dont want to bring them down,
i dont want the fake smile to be gone.
i guess their smiles are worth my frown,
so ill just put the fake smile back on.

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