Standing in Place

April 9, 2009
By Katie McClain BRONZE, Mount Vernon, Ohio
Katie McClain BRONZE, Mount Vernon, Ohio
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Walking down the drive way
Kicking rocks
Watching the trees sway
As your hair flips in the breeze
You hit the road
Running fast
Passing the little bugs on the ground
Trying not to fall
Looking left
Looking right
You see your friends
But you keep running
Not even hungry
Not even thirsty
You stop to take a break
Your panting
Then it rains
You're smiling
You love the feel of the rain
Running down your arms
You run to find shelter
A store, just ahead
You run
Trying to get there
But every step you take
It's like you dont move
You try so hard
But you're still in the same spot
You're frustrated
Standing in the rain
Then the sun comes out
And your frown
Is now a smile
Once more
You see the clouds
So white and Fluffy
The sky
So blue
The sun
So bright
You can't look at it
Then you look behind you
All grey and dark
You see the sadness drift away

The author's comments:
This is about how i felt about me now and my past. I hope you like it.

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