My Mind?

April 11, 2009
I have my special place,
I go there when I'm not sure.

I just need time to think,
think for myself and myself only.

But at this moment,
there are two people.

Me and a guy,
he shall be nameless.

I'm trying to get him to leave,
he just stands there, staring at me.

Sometimes he fades away,
but in the blink of an eye he is back.

I don't have this place anymore,
he took it over.

This place I no longer have,
is my mind.

his mind now.

It still has my thoughts,
but he can hear them.

It's very creepy,
I wish he would just go away.

He heard that though,
he doesn't care.

He keeps staring there,
staring at me.

Someone make it stop,
I can't bare it any longer.

He has won the war,
I am leaving.

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