A Bloodbath Ball

April 11, 2009
By jamiew20 SILVER, Lachine, Other
jamiew20 SILVER, Lachine, Other
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Back at the Ball despite,
Bodies waltzing in twilight,

The hall is filled with sweet music,
The wine is laced with arsenic,
It’s classic.

A night to remember,
Why should we suffer?
A night to remember,
Back at the ball,
A Bloodbath Ball,

Who would have known?
It was all written on our tombstones.
A Bloodbath Ball,
They killed us all.
Now here we are, crawling up these empty halls,
After The Bloodbath Ball.

Stop the dance,
And kill the lights,
Something is not right tonight.
I’ll give you a hint,
They slaughtered all the innocent.

And now here we are,
Crawling up these empty halls,
After The Bloodbath Ball.

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