Its gonna be all left..

April 11, 2009
By Anonymous

how could it happen
as fast as it did?
the thoughts whirled past me
with little time to comprhend

i heard of the end
and our begging followed after
little of you i knew
still my feelings grew

the anger formed in the heart
of the one that you did

the fault of which was not mine
all though i see
my mistakes are there
and the pain they bare
i dont even dare

hoping there is another one
deserving of you
yet you say there is none
thats were my help is done

dont dwell on the past
and if it was over to fast
there was no reason for it
to last.

i want to tell you though
im sorry....

The author's comments:
this was about a friends boyfriend who cheated on her with me. I felt bad , but he didn't love her anymore.

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