What to Do

April 10, 2009
By SummerDreamin BRONZE, Cartersville, Georgia
SummerDreamin BRONZE, Cartersville, Georgia
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Sitting beside the bed
Heart as heavy as lead
His touch still there
Scrub, scrub, nope still there
No fair
What to do, what to do
Metal glints in the corner
Blinking, it's in hand
Skin striped so easily
Beads, red, drip to the floor
What to do, what to do

Bathroom stalls, local walmart
Little pink lines, txt message reads sorry we're done
Looking in the shopping cart,
she finds her stash
the booze, the loss of her cash
Staggering along,
her blurred vision witnesses her child suffer headlong
What to do, what to do

Growing dusk, dark alley
Money switches hands
Face pale, family poor
He's around, what more
His bruised children cower
What to do, what to do
Grab that bottle,
Take the five-second high
Feel that throttle
Eight hour crash
What to do, what to do

A common room, a common thread
Little child watches scarred arms,
The ones they love, fade away
Razors, drugs alcohol
Little child clutch your doll
Safety you need
Harm and fear you recieve
Razors cut your dreams,
Drugs kill your family's hope
Alcohol staggers your relationship
What to do, what to do

A question, an answer
Dreams go astray
Life becomes a daze
Don't get lost in that craze
Hope might be lost
No worries it can be found
Just avoid the rebound
to those addictive needs
Reach out for assistance
Test your resistance
Don't do what you
knew all along
to do was wrong
What to do, What to do

The author's comments:
This poem is about the struggles in life and the fight people have when they negatively react. Most hit a fork in the road and don't know where to turn. They feel hopeless or in trouble and this poem demonstrates that there is an answer to your/their problems. Just reach out and you'll finnd an ear to listen in the most unexpected areas. Life doesn't have to be a broken mystery, make what you want and your dreams can come true. Just believe

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on May. 13 2009 at 2:45 am
SummerDreamin BRONZE, Cartersville, Georgia
4 articles 0 photos 2 comments
anyone have anything to say? anything you think?

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