April 9, 2009
By CourtneyRenee GOLD, Mesquite, Texas
CourtneyRenee GOLD, Mesquite, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
"..Paper people in their paper towns burning paper just to try and stay warm for the future.."
Paper towns by John Green

I'm threw with you and unfilled hope.
I'm threw with you and your perverted jokes.
You can't fix heartache in just a day.
I can't just pretend that I'm not in pain.
My friends told me to "think before you choose"
And yet I never listened,
And always chose you.
You were real sweet to me, and so nice.
But my luck with you is the same as rolling a dice.
I never know what I'm gonna get,
And I never know if I should throw a fit.
For what you did to me, there was no cure,
And what you did to me, left me unsure.
Unsure of my actions that led me to now
Unsure of my actions that led me to "How?"
How did I get myself into this mess?
And then I though of a girl named Jess.
She's a strong girl I must admit,
But she has a weird feeling at the bottom of her pit.
The pit of her stomach where new things grew.
In the pit of her stomach where new feelings brew.
She could only think of just a few.
Just a few friends that she could choose.
Choose to tell everything to,
And wonder if they'd just sit there confused.
For all these thoughts are running through her head.
And she thinks of these thoughts,
Alone, on his bed.
These thoughts make her very sad,
But they will never ever make her mad.
If anything she's extremely glad,
Glad that she didn't choose to loose it all
For just one guy that would let her fall.
Fall so hard that she could never get up
Up and away,
from all of this mess that he made
And always think of being betrayed.
For she needed love and hope to get her there,
But he told her no, and let her fear.
Fear that she'll never be quite good enough,
Fear that she'll do nothing but mess up.
She hates this feeling, despises it in fact.
But she can only think of that single pact.
The pact she made with him that day.
The pact she made, that made her stay.
That made her stay quiet,
For if she didn't, there'd be a riot.
Consisting of two people: Her and him,
Consisting of two people whose friendship you cannot mend.
In the end there's just a girl,
A girl who is scared to feel
Feel her anger and frustration being revealed.
Their love was like a broken seal,
Once you open it, it will never heal.
And this is just how that on girl feels.

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