Drowning Plastic

April 9, 2009
By julie morrissey BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
julie morrissey BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Fall away into the canopy of shivers,
The bloody axe of breathing dreamily.
Hush as the leaves bristle and prate

The nebulous fingers poke at our thorny wrinkles.
The craters among our swooning mouths
Become flimsy baskets above the teeth-

We are unaware.
Cheap plastic bones woven around this pinky’s pal;
This cheap catastrophic ring around my finger.

It laughs, caught ablaze over this flesh.
It defeats the movement, the veins, the woodwork
Beneath its buckle.

For I am its mother, the mortal wife of a god.
It encompasses the sky, soars above the rot-
The rocks in which its brothers are incased in.

The gory pulp of shimmer clangs and wails
As I grin over its emaciated trim.
The porcelain sink devours forgotten gold.

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