Father and child

April 8, 2009
By Breharvey GOLD, Camilla, Georgia
Breharvey GOLD, Camilla, Georgia
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Mom where's daddy I would always ask but I was too young to understand. I will never know how it'll feel to have a father in my life. No dad to ran to when the boggie man comes in my closet no dad to teach me to ride a bike, and no dad to say no boyfriend until you're 49. I remember walking with my mom to the store I saw a family at the flower shop. There was a little girl who jump into her father's arm while he kissed her on the cheek and put a flower in her hair. I look at my mom while she was searching through her purse and whisphered why can't I have that.

The author's comments:
I remebered writing this poem at middle school in the 8th grade. My teacher loved this poem so much that he posted as special edition in our class poetry book. He bragged about me in class saying the she put her feeling in not having a father in this poem. What he didn't know was that my father lives in the same house as I do. It was funny. It's not how I wrote it from my book.

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