I am a Tennis Ball

April 6, 2009
I am a simple tennis ball like no other
My color is green like the court that I bounce on
I am served in this game of life
I am hit hard by the opponent’s racket
To start my flight over the net

I like this game
It could be short or long
I could low or high
You never know when the fun is going to stop

I am green and glowing flying through the air
Once I hit the racket end
I am prepared for my next event
The racket is pulling back
Ready to strike

I see the end coming, inevitably
I no longer glow with great bright
Although I enjoyed this game with great might
I see the game ending and so this flight
I have enjoyed watching this match

Here I come, then I go
Over the net
Over the player
Over the court
I am done until the next match

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