April 6, 2009
By Anonymous

Have you ever looked forward and seen the future stretching out in front of you and been terrified.
Have you ever wanted to freeze time and stand in the moment?
Have you ever felt the sand in the hourglass trickle past and wanted to catch it in your hand and hold it.
Keep it still so you can stay with the one you love for eternity.
But time won’t stop, it races past, pulling the one you love farther and farther away.
You reach out and try to catch him but its too late, the tide has already pulled him too far.
You kneel in the sand, gossamer tears trail down as you remember.
Now you live in memories, and time keeps washing by.
His dog tags hang from your neck heavy as a weight, time inches by without him.
As time ebbs by you become strong enough to stand and wait.
Wait for eternity, wait for him to come back, wait for time to restart

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