October 26, 2017
By Anonymous

The NFL consist of 32 teams from all around the United States. All of the 32 teams compete against each other year round and fight to win each game so they can try and make it to the playoffs and maybe the Superbowl if they win the playoff games. The very first ever NFL game was on the day of September 26, 1920 at Rock Island’s Douglas Park. The NFL was founded by 15 people.On January 15,1967 the very first ever Super Bowl was held between the Green Bay Packer and the Kansas City Chiefs. The Green Bay Packers won the Superbowl 35-10 against the Chiefs. It was held at Memorial Coliseum in Los Angeles. When the NFL was first founded it was not called the NFL it was called the APFA(American Professional Football Association) and it only consisted of 10 teams from four states not 32 teams like we have now. The last added team to the NFL was the Jacksonville Jaguars in 1995. The NFL hosted tens of thousands of games and included hundreds of teams over the years. In the 1980’s the NFL dream was almost crushed because of a rival football team, The United States Football League. In the early 2000’s, the NFL expanded to include an international program,incorporating teams from Mexico, Europe and Canada. Now the NFL is the most successful, impressive sports in the entire country. But in the late 2016’s there was some bumps along the road for the NFL. Colin Kaepernick, the QB for the San Francisco 49ers took a knee regarding black lives matter during the national anthem and that set off alot of people. So now less people watch and attend games because some of the players started doing this.

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