We Must Have Winners

May 1, 2017
By , Franklin, IN

Think about the most competitive rivalry in high school athletics, college athletics, and professional sports. If there was not a winner and a loser between the two teams, then who would have the bragging rights? 
In Ohio for the state championship hockey game, the game went into seven overtimes before the game finally ended in a draw and both teams were announced co-champions. The players did not know how to react to the situation. Normally the winning team is going crazy and piling onto each other and the losing team had players scattered everyone crying. Not this time.

With all the rivalries across America in DI sports, having two winners would be no fun. Everyone needs to learn how to lose and know what it feels like. If we always have two winners, then there might be some teams who do not put in the amount of work as the team they are facing and then since both teams none of the hard work will pay off.

In sports, there are so many life lessons learned by both winning and losing. If everyone wins all the time, then they won’t work harder because they will be so used to winning. Then, when it is time for them to get a job, they won’t have the determination or skills needed to get the job. So much could be learned from sports. Will there be heartbreaks along the way? Of course, that is part of the game. With this day and age, older generations are always talking about how soft our generation is, so by losing this will toughen our minds and the younger generations will not look so weak. If everyone wins all the time, then when we do not get something we want we will complain about it. We must keep winners and losers in athletics. Without it there is no joy or heartbreak.

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