Conor McGregor the Greatest Ever

February 6, 2017
By MOkane BRONZE, Morristown, New Jersey
MOkane BRONZE, Morristown, New Jersey
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Conor McGregor is the most dominant UFC fighter ever.  But what is it that makes him so good?  It is more complicated than one may think but there is a reason that he is called “The Notorious.”  Although there are simpler ways to look at the surface digging a little deeper to prove why he has earned his nickname and is the best.  One way  this will be proven is thru his rankings and why they add to the best UFC fighter on the planet today.  The next thing to prove this is by breaking down his wins and how insane of a fighter this man is.  Finally, breaking down his unique and unmatched fighting style and his intense workout that makes him able to go the distance in any fight if need be.

Conor McGregor is ranked first out of all UFC fighters according to FOX sports and ESPN.  Although these are just subjective rankings it counts for something that he was ranked first on two separate organizations. 

Unfortunately, they were not so generous on the two 200 all time fighters.  Conor McGregor is ranked 38 on that list (Mcrae).  This is still very impressive but, this list because doesn’t make sense Conor has beat four of the people in front of him on that list and a notable mention would be Jose Aldo who is ranked 8th all time (Mcrae).  While this would be okay, Conor knocked him out in thirteen seconds making it the second fastest knockout ever only behind Duane Ludwig who’s KO only took 11 seconds(Sherdog).  So clearly Conor is better than Jose so that would put him all the way up at #8 (Mcrae).  With that being said 38th all time is still very impressive because he is only 28 and far from the end of his career so he has plenty of time to move up the list (Mcrae). 

Also while looking at the rankings, Jon Jones is ranked first all time.  This disappointed man fans greatly.  One reason this was disappointing is because Conor knocks out his opponents much more of the time that jon jones.  Jon jones Ko percentage is only 41% while Conor's is 86% (Sherdog).  While this may seem insignificant this means that Conor is in the octagon that much less where Jon is in there longer taking more hits which is doing permanent damage and shortening his career.  For Jon the more strikes he takes is even worse than it is for Conor because he is in a heavier division so this means that the guys in his weight class strike with more power which gives it more potential to injure him.  Also, Jon jones got banned for a year from the UFC for using PED’s (Performance enhancing drugs) this means that he is a cheater and there’s no telling how many of his wins are attributed to his use of PED’s.  On the other hand, Conor is all natural and has never cheated to gain a competitive edge.

Conor is one of the winningest fighters in the UFC today and ever.  The most professional wins by any fighter is shared by two fighters who are Tito Ortiz and Frank Mir.  These two guys are considered some of the UFC greats, they both have 27 wins (Sherdog).  Tito Ortiz began his career in 1997 at UFC 13 and his career ended on January 21, 2017, at Bellator 142(Sherdog).  So it took him 20 years to get 27 wins while it has only taken Conor nine years to get to 21 wins (Sherdog).  In Frank Mir’s 16 year career it took him all that time to get to the 27 win mark and he also lost 11 times in his career (Sherdog).  On the other hand like mentioned before it has only taken Conor 9 years to reach 21 wins with only 3 losses (Sherdog). 

Conor also has one of the greatest win to loss ratios ever.  With his 21-3 record, Mcgregor has recorded an 87.5% winning (Sherdog).  Compared to the rest of other fighters he is 5th all time only behind Jon Jones, Tony Ferguson, George St. Pierre and Demetrius Johnson (Mcrae).  But if that’s not impressive enough, he has the best win percentage of any featherweight ever.  This shows how dominant he is because he is in top 5 all time for win percentage and first in his weight class.

Conor also just doesn’t compete to win bouts he competes to win titles which he has done over and over.  He has won titles two times and at one point had three, however, he got stripped of one of them because he was not allowed to hold titles in two weight classes at the same time.  Additionally, he is the only fighter EVER to hold titles in two different weight classes.  He also performs well under pressure well.  When facing Jose Aldo in the title bout he KOed him in 13 seconds, the fastest in title bout history and the second fastest ever (paragraph 1) (Alexander).  He also impressed the crowd recording the most performance of the night with six of them which is another UFC record.  In total Conor McGregor holds a grand total of six UFC records which is absolutely insane. 
According to LiveScience, only 11% of the entire world is left-handed and guess who is one of those people?  That's right Conor McGregor is.  Puts him at an advantage over his competitors because most of them will be right-handed.  This means that for his competitors their weak side is exposed to his strong hand giving him an advantage before the fight even starts.  This also means that to try to be at the same advantage as McGregor there have to change either their style or stance which either way will be uncomfortable for his opponents.  Not convinced that southpaw fighters have the advantage?  Well according to mixedmartialarts, 52% of UFC champions have been southpaw like McGregor. 

Conor is fast maybe even the fastest UFC fighter ever.  When Fight Night Boston broke down how Conor moves and how fast he does it.  They discovered that it only takes .3 seconds to jab that is the same time an MLB player has to react to a 100 mph pitch 38,072 fps (Fight Night Boston: Conor's Elite Movement).  The average reaction time for a full-grown man is .25 sec so that it only a 0.05 sec to get out-of-the-way of his strike (Fight Night Boston: Conor's Elite Movement).  Also, they looked at his kick and his kick gives his opponent .5 seconds to react but has twice the force 62,347 fps (Fight Night Boston: Conor's Elite Movement).  They only have .25 sec to react or block his strike.  This is still very impressive because his attacks are all being delivered in under a second.  When testing they also discovered that His hips move at 800 angular degrees per second which is 80 degrees better than Rory McIlroy who is a golfer who formerly held the fastest hip movement (Fight Night Boston: Conor's Elite Movement).  This means his hips move faster than any UFC fighter today.  Therefore he is the quickest kicker in the UFC.  In conclusion, Conor McGregor leaves his opponents only fractions of a second to defend against him.

Conor McGregor will go down is the best UFC fighter to ever live.  This will happen because of the reasons brought up.  To recap his fighting style, signature wins, rankings and training are superior to all fighters ever.  As shown before, Conor is something special and he has yet to let up ground against top line fighters of our generation.  While Jon Jones and Nate Diaz are considered the best, Conor will surpass them and hold the title of the greatest UFC fighter ever.

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This is a piece about why Conor Mcgregor is the best UFC fighter ever.

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