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Video Games Damage Real Life

Violence. Aggression. Hostility. These are the unfortunate traits that develop in children’s minds after playing murderous video games for long periods of time. These brutal first person games can seriously affect a teen’s impressionable mind and change who they will be in the future significantly. Parents tend to not think twice about what they buy their child in terms of video games, and later blame the game on their child’s inappropriate behavior. Parents in the U.S. should take caution immediately in their decisions with video games because they influence murderous thoughts and actions, aggressive behavior develops in children, and it exposes inappropriate images to the wrong ages. Why waste your years on fighting and punishments? Save your youth from this disastrous setback by not becoming one of them.

Hundreds of thousands of children play violent video games worldwide, and a portion of them end up wanted criminals for nameless crimes. Theft. Vandalism. Murder. For every 100,000 people six are murdered by a former or current video game player. In recent years, the rate in teen violence has increased by an unbelievable amount. Video games are an easy connection to this behavior because of how intense and realistic they can become. An extremely small percent of teen violence hasn’t been influenced by video games, but rather grew up in an environment similar to the community of one. In fact, the Columbine teen shooters happened to engage in many violent video games that reportedly reflected have influenced their actions. In 2006, an 18-year-old named Devin Moore was arrested in Alabama on suspicion of car theft. “The police officers brought him into the station and started booking him without any trouble,” states Julia Layton, author of “Do violent video games lead to real violence?” “Minutes later, Moore attacked [and shot many in the station] then stole a police car... Moore had no criminal history.” The connection between Moore's game play and his real actions is logical: In "Grand Theft Auto," players steal cars and kill cops. The main goals in these games reward players which is completely irrational. This sinks into players’ minds and they realize that violence is the answer. It obviously is not, but it is too late. Is this what is desired: To feel the need to murder or be violent; no, it isn’t

Your childhood is a short, precious span of time that you can only experience once. But violent video games can turn that gift into a burden by morphing your personality into an aggressive memory in which no one wishes to remember. Surveys in eight different schools in Ontario, Canada show that 1,492 students were more likely to use physical violence to solve a conflict than calmly resolving it. It is too bad that 81% of video game players feel this way in the U.S. The author of “The Effects of Violent Video Games on Behavior” believes that video games are more dangerous than TV violence because “people are more likely to behave aggressively themselves when they identify with a violent character. In a violent TV program, viewers might or might not identify with a violent character.” If violent video games were to be toned down, our communities would be filled to the brim with unaggressive, cooperative youths. That is the ideal model for U.S. lives; let’s reach it.

Some images aren’t meant to be seen until a certain age. ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board) labels games specifically so 8 year olds won’t see rated M (Mature) images like blood and guns. But, today’s population doesn’t pay as much attention anymore. 10 year olds are playing T (Teen) video games and experiencing inappropriate actions like shooting and death. This then connects to future murder or thefts, which all began with a careless parent. Don’t be that parent, and don’t be that child. Be smart.

Yet, despite evidence proving the negative influences of violent video games, critics argue that video games are too “young” to be disproved while TV violence is inexcusable. Admittedly, that is somewhat true considering video games have only been around for about 20 years. But, before the appearance of video games the amount of teen violence was a small rate that can’t even compare to the modern day’s rate. It is only a matter of time when those who disagree realize the truth.
Have you ever seen the commercials about video games like Black Ops II while flipping through channels? Have you ever thought about how amazing it would be to own and play that very game? But, have you ever thought of the negative effects gained by playing these violent first person video games? Those thoughts can lead you into becoming one of the 81% of violent video gamers that are rude, hostile, and scarred for life. Research has found that children who play violent video games tend to express themselves externally and aggressively. Parents in the U.S. should take caution in their decisions with video games because they influence murderous or hostile thoughts and actions, aggressive behavior develops in children, and it exposes inappropriate images to the wrong ages. Make the right decision.

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