Team Chemistry

January 15, 2013
When you are playing any sport there are many things that you have to do for the sake of the team. There is nothing better than playing in a close game that one play could change the outcome. But to pull through you must need team chemistry. If you don’t have chemistry the team will not be able to function properly. You must have team chemistry and you must communicate. You must also be able to hit and produce offense in all ways possible. One of the greatest ever quotes by Tom Rouen says it all, “The chemistry, If you have guys that don’t care about one another, you are not going to win, it is just not going to happen.” There are also many other things that you need to do to have a successful team. You must be able to hit, field, and have a lot of energy.

To have chemistry you need to have a leader on your team. Typically it is a coach. In the case of the high school baseball team I was on last year the coach was the person that formed us together. We would do team activities and we would do things to build us up. Without these things we probably would not have won half of our games.

Having chemistry in baseball means getting to know all of your teammates and getting along together. If you have a team that has better chemistry then the other team you are going to have a better chance of winning. I can relate to this very easily. We were the division two team in a division one-baseball tournament. This was basically playoffs for us because in division two we don’t have playoffs. We were the underdogs, all the other teams have been playing better quality teams then we played all year. We walked onto the field and we were not scared at all. We worked together to produce runs and make the critical stops we needed throughout the tournament.
We played three games in the tournament and we had tight games all throughout the games. We found ourselves trailing behind every team we played. We never gave up and we kept the intensity we had throughout the whole year. The first game we won by a walk off hit and the second game we won by one run. The third game we found ourselves trailing by four runs after the first inning. We were not just going to give up on the game though. We kept the same intensity and we did not ever give up on each other. We knew we could pull through and win. You might be thinking that it was just luck, but we knew that in the end we made it through because of chemistry. We would always work hard and push each one of us harder until we knew that practices were over. It was one of the most unforgettable seasons of my life, chemistry builds character, which I still have today and I hope to have for the rest of my life.

When I get older I hope to keep many of the traits I have learned throughout my life in sports. Each situation helps me learn that life is a game and no one is going to win it, but to play the game the best you need to have good characteristics. Chemistry has helped me ever since the high school baseball season ended and it will help me throughout the rest of my life.

In real life some jobs require chemistry. When someone at a certain workplace is not working together with everyone else in the work, it could change the outcome of the work that people do in their workplace. There are many different ways that can affect chemistry. One of the biggest ways is arguing, so if one group of people is arguing over one thing and everyone in the workplace can hear it, it can affect everyone.

There are many different examples of chemistry but the only way to win a championship is to have team chemistry. The coach that taught me chemistry was my high school coach from freshman year. If I never knew about chemistry our teams would not have won as many games as we did. The key to success in any sports is based off of team chemistry, not skill or anything else. On the other hand if you get on a team with no chemistry like my Babe Ruth team then I can almost guarantee you that you will not win every game you play. It just will not happen. The key to success in any sports is based off of team chemistry, not skill or anything else, I have stated proof all throughout this paper and if there is no chemistry you can’t have skills. You can’t be successful as one person; the only way to be successful is as a group that will collaborate together.

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