What is art?

October 19, 2012
By erik lima BRONZE, Hyattsville, Maryland
erik lima BRONZE, Hyattsville, Maryland
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Art can mean so many things to someone, almost as if everyone were to have their own connotative meaning for it. The true definition of art is unclear due to the vast number of meanings of art, but seeing art from the perspective of a teenager going to high school in comparison to an adult can either be similar or different. Everyone has different views and opinions, but sometimes the views and or opinions might just be the same or pretty similar to one another. Not only is art seen in different ways, done in different ways, and felt in different ways, but it’s also admired and valued in different ways. Art in general is just so vague that it can basically mean anything which we conceive as art, and that’s what makes art beautiful and unique.

The most basic and general meaning of what art is can be told as the creation of someone’s creativity and or imagination, which can contain one’s visions, expressions and even emotions or feelings. However, in reality art means much more than that, it’s not just the simple creation of something visual through ones imagination, although this is true, art has a much more meaningful meaning to it. Why do you think people are so fond of it to even go to the extremes of paying extraordinary amounts of money for a painting, “the scream” for example, which was sold for $119 million, the most anyone has paid for an art-piece. Not only do we pay extremely high prices for art, but we also go through complex conditions just to view it, for example going all the way to the other side of the world in unpleasing circumstances such as intense heat or cold to see a painting or a sculpture. We are connected to art in some form of way, which is simply unexplainable.

Art is fascinating, special, magical, beautiful, educational, historical, and abstract at times. All the words mentioned describe what art is, it’s whatever you want it to be. Like in the psychologists’ office, they may show you some Rorschach/inkblot paintings where you may see something different from what someone else may see it is the same for art. It’s just how ever your imagination observes what you see. Art is a very vague word since it has so many different meanings however, most of the meanings go beyond the point that art is just the visual outcome of an artist’s work. They go on a more inner emotional scale, as I like to say “In art you can release your emotions out in a way that would be impossible with anything other than art.” People actually bond to what art you have created, and I find that amazingly awesome.

Art can be considered as innate to us humans; the reason being so is that art dates back to ages in the past, which shows how we still keep the tradition alive. Art is a fascinating subject, which everyone seems to admire and praise, although art has no word to explain what it really is, you can only know what it is by making art, and surrounding yourself with art. Art is the only way you can let go of everything and create something for someone else or yourself to connect to and feel the meaning or message of what you created. Art in itself is a majestic entity that will never get boring and will never be forgotten and replaced as an out of style thing, due to its importance and popularity. Art is magical.

The author's comments:
Art isn't always a complex painting or sculpture created by famous artists, art is that and much more. Art is the showing of ones' ideas and emotions.

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