Why can't every middle school have a football team?

April 26, 2012
Every middle school should have a football team. It would be awesome to compete against other schools in Colorado. It would be just like high school football. We could have cheerleaders, a band play for us, and even announcers. Having a football team is just like having a basketball or volleyball team. It would be so much fun!

Having football at every middle school would be a good thing for kids to get active and everyone would get a lot of exercise. It’s good for kids to get outside and get a little exercise, some fresh air, and have fun playing football with all their friends. There is a lot of running and working out in football. If you want to have a big position like running back or wide receiver, then you have to be fast. If you are tuff, then you will be a good linemen or defensive tackle. There are 11 guys on offence and defense, and enough room for everyone to have a position and get active. When it comes to football, its tackle or be tackled. Our team would smash!

Having football team at every middle school would be for anyone who wanted to join and there wouldn’t be any try-outs. You shouldn’t have to pay to have fun right? The school would provide pants, pads, helmets, and the jerseys. The only things that you would have to provide are cleats, the mouth guard, and gloves if you want them. To me that’s a pretty good deal and pretty cheap. The cleats should only be about 50-60 dollars, the mouth guard is only 5 dollars, and gloves are about 20 dollars but like I said you don’t need the gloves if you don’t want them. So that’s about 85 dollars including the gloves. Other local recreational football league’s cost about 350 dollars all together with sign-up fees. Now that is really expensive compared to the school prices.

Having football at every middle school would be good for the kids to get outside and meet new people. Kids playing together on a football team would give them a chance to compete against other kid and make lots of friends. You never know, later on the might end up seeing each other in high school football or might be playing each other in high school. That would be a very cool experience for kids to get to know each other. Also the parents of the kids playing football can get to know each other better and there you go, even the parents are making friends.

Have you ever seen a middle school with a football team? It’s not that big of a deal just to have one more sport at every school. Can you give me a hundred reasons why every middle school can’t have a football team? I could give you a hundred reasons why every middle school should have a football team. Don’t you wish every middle school had a football team?

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