Microsoft Corportation

January 17, 2011
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As a current supporter and dual account owner of Xbox LIVE accounts (as well as a dual Xbox owner), I am pleased that I have stuck with Xbox LIVE since 2003. Whenever I engage in online play, I am rarely disappointed. Also, I am proud to say I have had two Xbox 360s since 2007. I have had few problems with Xboxs until the past two years. In these two years, I have gone through three different basic headsets provided by Microsoft/Xbox. Because of this, I am asking you to replace or refund my headset purchase.

I purchased my last headset four months ago and unfortunately they have become unusable. When I say unusable, I mean the headsets have all disallowed me to talk to other users. I have spent countless hours with the Xbox LIVE customer service by phone and the Microsoft Support Website ( and $60, plus tax, to attempt to fix my microphone problem. Each attempt of support still put my microphone in the status of faulty and unusable. I am extremely disappointed and disturbed the Microsoft support Website and Xbox LIVE customer service did not help me with my microphone problem.

Being the most world renowned company for videogame systems and their accessory reliabilities, I am hoping that you will be able to fix my annoying and expensive problem. I have put in pictures of my headphone types, so you know which ones I need replaced.

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter and address my concerns. I look forward to hearing from you. Please contact me.



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