December 20, 2010
Some people say dancing is a sport, but I say that is just competition. I also see people crying afterwards, like at an opera, but I just don’t get what is so dramatic about people moving in circles and stuff. I also think that there should not be a show about it (Dancing with the Stars). And I’m not trying to offend people by saying this, but dancing is also lame. Even the ones in middle school are especially, since we just dance to the dumbest songs and the teachers are all protective… and no I’m not just saying this just because I don’t like dancing, I’m saying it cause I’m not the only one that thinks this… right? And I just don’t understand what’s so…. so…. amusing about it. Well I know this is a short story but this is all I can practically think of.
However there are times that dancing is memorable, like at weddings for example. Such as a couples first dance, mother and son/ daughter. Father and daughter/ son.

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SpringRayyn said...
Jan. 3, 2011 at 9:58 pm
Do you only feel that way about school dances? Because that is soo much different than what most people are talking about when they call dancing a sport. Mostly they will be talking about tap or ballet (mostly ballet) or lyrical and stuff like that. Not ballroom and shiz that they do for schools. I agree that what public schools teach for dance in gym class, but other dances mean much more to me. When you're only dancing in a circle then there is no meaning in it, but that doesn't go for all dan... (more »)
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