June 24, 2010
By Anonymous

Please don’t tell me you think of ridiculously stupid
s in short skirts shouting “go team!” You shouldn’t, more and more people are realizing that. Cheerleading is a challenging exciting sport that I absolutely love.

Yes a sport. It’s a combination of dance, gymnastics, stunting and of course cheering.
My cheer squad is just as much a team as our football team. We rely on each other, one
out of place and our whole routine crumples. It’s a sport where if you improve yourself individually, you improve the whole squad.

My cheer practices consist of learning over thirty chants and cheers, bending my back in half trying to get that handspring, and throwing a
10 or so feet in the air just so she can come crashing down on my face. Oh and I can’t forget to smile.
It’s a sport coming into its own, something that has been developing over the years. Cheering is not just for the crowds entertainment anymore than football or basketball is. And guess what? I’m pretty sure all three of those sports are purely for entertainment.

“….ridiculously stupid
s in short skirts shouting “go team!” I can prove that whole sentence wrong. Just because someone is a

does not mean they are stupid in any way, I get straight A’s, and I have friends up for multiple academic awards who are

s. Not all

s are
s by the way. Guys are getting more and more involved, and they aren’t always gay either. Short skirts? Well why do football players wear tight pants and volleyball players wear spandex? And ‘go team’ is only part of our vocabulary. We are completive athletes cheering for our school or gym, showing spirit while we play a sport we love. Is that not the ultimate loyalty?

All the

s I know, the truly good ones that love the sport, are amazing athletes and amazing people that don’t deserve to be stereo-typed anymore than the sport does. Its time they get Respect.

The author's comments:
I'm a

and I'm always getting remarks from people about being unitelligent or inapproptiate. I've wished they could see what cheerleading is really about.

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