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June 22, 2010
By carelyn SILVER, Granada Hills, California
carelyn SILVER, Granada Hills, California
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One of the major factors attributed in assisting students within their diminished amounts of hours in studying and completing homework assignments is due to video games. In recent studies, sixty-five percent of American households play computer or video games.

Kevin Kim claims, “I’ll admit, I often play video games when I am really supposed to be studying or finishing up homework.” Video game addictions are often difficult to break, ultimately based upon the initial introduction of them. Some video game fanatics might agree that what intrigues and sulks in their attention the most are the digitally enhanced graphics and intense thrilling experience accessed to availability.

Favorite video games includes Grant Theft Auto, Halo, Guitar Hero and Rock Band. Let alone the destructive impact of video games, ipod and itouch as well as computer games of all sorts lend unnecessary help of popularity among individuals of adolescence to teen years. Sadly, a good percentage of grown adults are frequently investigated to conclude they too, are crazed fans with lack of time management.

Some commonly played computer games within an average household include Star Craft, War of Worlds and Counter Strike. Statistics evidently based off of Serendip, pose the interest on how video, computer and electronic games hide methods of manipulation through brain washing and are ultimately guilty of robbing an individual’s use of creativity and the ability to diligently as well as supremely succeed in their studies. Further exclaimed, there should be a ‘Video Gamers Anonymous’.

The Educational Research Findings report how unfortunately, those individuals of deprivation in terms of outside social interactions, mistake their “time consuming experience” in playing video games to be purely natural born talent—yet the word “talent” is far beyond obscene than what is intentionally exposed.

Instead, the question to be understood and considered is whether or not socialization and the discovery of true motivational talent are taken away without mere notice.

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on Jul. 7 2010 at 11:04 pm
WriterFanatic PLATINUM, DesMoines, Iowa
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Hmm on one hand...I see your point I really do. However, don't be so quick to put games on such a bad rep. I fully Agree that they can be sources of procrastination. But the people that use them instead of homework will ALWAYS find a way to distract themselves even if games were not around. Do you have any solutions? If so please say. Also, about games, not all of them are how you described. I do not believe games rob you of creativity! Of course it depends which you play. I believe however that at least 50% of the people using this site play video games and computer. Would you call all of them non-creative?

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