Fluorescent Hunting Vests

May 11, 2010
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About 102,343 people die from hunting accidents each year. So many people die each year that we need to reduce the number of deaths by making all hunters wear some sort of fluorescent orange hunting equipment. Most of the accidents are caused because of two reasons; not knowing someone is there and the lack of gun safety. When the hunters wear noticeable clothing, they are almost guaranteed safety, and I think that all hunters should have to wear some sort of fluorescent orange on their body. The bright orange color is like a reflector and real bright. Now it is turkey season and we need to be safe because a lot of accidents occur during turkey season.

One time two men were hunting for moose in Canada and one of the guys was shot. He was camouflaged on the ground next to a tree stump calling for moose. His friend heard the call and decided to walk in that direction. He took a glance into the forest to try to see the moose and thought he saw one lying on the ground next to a tree so he took a shot. He later realized that it was his friend on the ground. If he had worn an orange hunting jacket, his friend most likely would have seen the bright color and not have shot.

Even though the color is so noticeable to us, deer and moose see the color as gray because they are colorblind. Some people tried to pass a law for wearing orange fluorescent clothing somewhere on their body when they go hunting. Some states thought that it was a good rule to have, but not all the states liked it. In Texas it is not required to wear a piece of clothing that is colored orange, but a good amount of people do so they will be safe.

Also, a group of people were hunting at a ranch for turkey and none of them were wearing any noticeable clothing. One of the guys was sneaking up behind a bush to pull out his turkey caller. He started making the gobbling noises and his friend saw something moving behind the bush and realized the noise was also coming from that direction. He pulled out his real powerful shotgun and took a shot in the direction. He walked over and saw his friend lying down on the ground in pain. The shot hit him in the leg but it was a shotgun so it didn’t hurt him that badly.

So many people get injured badly from hunting accidents each year I think every hunter should have to wear some piece of fluorescent orange somewhere on their body. When you think to yourself what is more important; someone killing an animal or someone shooting a friend you realize that people don’t wear the bright orange because they don’t want the animals to see it and run away. Like all the other tragic stories every time something bad happens they all regret it and wish it was a law to wear bright orange hunting jackets.

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