Irresponsible Hunting

December 15, 2009
An estimated 237 deaths were reported and documented on C.A.S.H (Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting) and I am expecting even more next year.

In 2009, my second year of hunting, we were not doing to well. The elk supply was low so only a few got their elk, I was not one of them. It did not help that there was a bunch of people up there messing around, what I like to call irresponsible hunters. I can not stand irresponsible hunters, they drive me up the wall. They push groves sideways, up and diagonal. They scare away the herds for other hunters by shooting anywhere and everywhere at everything.

A MO. Man, Dennis Ray Diesle, was found guilty by U.S. magistrate judge R. Michael Shikich, with two misdemeanor charges for violating the Lacy Act. The Lacy Act “Protects plants and wild life by creating civil and criminal penalties for a wide array of violations.” According to Dennis was supposedly trespassing when he violated the act.

Another man from WY, Samir Yousef, A student at Wyoming Technical Institute, poached a moose a short distance from Laramie, Summit Rest Area east of Laramie and was arrested. The game warden Rodger Bredenofe, was informed of a poached moose and that the individual would be returning to the scene later that night. The game warden pulled Samir over and said he had not been hunting. In the end he was fined a total of $17,420.00 for various charges and lost his hunting privileges for four years says

In the previous paragraphs were stories that tells how immature and irresponsible some hunters are but there are some hunters that are responsible hunters.

That shows that there are some people out there that are not very mature and responsible while hunting.

I ask that soon to be hunters and hunters take my advice and be mature and responsible while hunting.

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