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Here are the most recent spirituality / religion articles:

Are You There God?
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It seems that everyone has a religion. A god. It seems that everyone bonds about attending the same churches and their purity promises and things similar to that. They have funny pastors and participate in church fundraisers. I am the outcast. I... (more »)
Ignored Children
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We live in  a day and age where people are raised differently. Some parents parent the way they were parented when they were kids. Sometime depending on the ancestor, tradition is not always right thing to pass on. Spiritually and physically.... (more »)
“The worried is lost at sea” Saith the Lord
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God said: “For my worried people are lost sea, they seek not my face but worry of the things to come and what the result is of there past that will turn into the future. I have made the will and the changes are not to be erased but they are... (more »)
Decisions That Lead to Life or Death
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There will always be two sides at war in this world. The righteous who follow God and the sinners who rebel against Him. In this essay, you will see the consequences that were lead by bad decisions. You will also see the rewards that God... (more »)
Speaking in Silence; Waiting in Hope
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“If you can improve on God’s silence – speak.” At first sight this seems impossible to do and its meaning can be improperly understood. Improving on God sounds scandalous and presumptuous, and yet there is a way we can... (more »)
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There are many responsibilities that citizens of a free country should follow to honor God and their country. These include submitting to authority, to pay taxes, to honor those who deserve honor, to be honest, to pray for our leaders, and also... (more »)
Idolatry Prophecy
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God said: “I have not been a major part in you lives for which is a grave matter and a problem in the up growing in the christian ministry and edification of   My churches and the building of   My kingdom. You have put other things before... (more »)
My Creation Myth
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In the beginning, there existed only four different beings. These beings were Gods, Angels, Demons, and Spirits. For the longest time, they battled over who would determine the fate of the universe. Though many died, there were always more, so... (more »)
God Said: “I Am the One that Makes...
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God said: “I am the one that makes promises and fulfills them I make my crown high and obvious to the people that seek my face. The one that know me will see the garments and loins I wear and their sight will be taken off from the enemy; and... (more »)
For Those Who Have Not Seen God's Glory
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God Said: “For those who have not seen my glory and my shining light. You have not been absent to me nor have you been forgotten to me. I call you so that you may listen and follow after my commandments All you teenagers are growing.... (more »)
Don't Talk About God
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This one is for all the religious people because I really think you need to hear this. Yes, I view myself as a non-believer; but before you start trying to convince me that religion is real and that I should believe because there is a God, I... (more »)
Redefining the Hijab
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We see them wrapped around the head of women, ostensibly “defining” and “oppressing” their right to be expressive, to be people – to be free. For centuries, the headscarf worn by Muslim women, known as the hijab,... (more »)
I Was Really Insulted
By , Littleton, CO
Just think about it. Joke all you want about the memes and such, but I am extremely insulted. So where do I start? First of all, using the Lord’s name in vain. The third commandment of the ten, “Thou shall not use the Lord’s name in... (more »)
God's Great Plans
By , Indianapolis, IN
There will be a time where your life is falling apart and there will be a time when you feel like giving up. I know how that feel because I been through that. I feel like giving up because all that come to my mind is You are nothing, You are a... (more »)
Hope: The Story of an Escapee from North Korea
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The very first thing I can remember in my life is an execution. I recall a silent crowd. I remember walking through the fields with my mother; even now I can feel the callused skin of her hand. The moment we arrived to the crowd, I crawled up... (more »)
Where to Miss? The Stars.
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When you gaze up at the azure vastness of the sky, does it ever occur to you that this infinitely large platform fosters millions of seemingly minuscule masses of hot, livid gas called stars? Is it not a physical, vivid miracle of the Lord when... (more »)
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