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Here are the most recent spirituality / religion articles:

A Step Towards Grace
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January of 2012 I went with my church to our first winter retreat at Trout Lake Camp. To be completely honest with you, I wasn’t looking forward to this retreat. In my family, there’s a rule that everyone needed to go to church and... (more »)
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A Teenager's View on Religion
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Put in the simplest of manners, religion is utter bs to me. Now, before you start your attack, I’d like to tell you why. I’m most well aware of christianity, so I’m going to talk about that. A bit about the bible. First... (more »)
Personal Narrative
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I remember that night as if it happened yesterday. We had just finished an intense session about how we might perceive our relationship with God and others to be something completely different than my relationship actually is. After that talk, I... (more »)
I Am I Am's
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    "Boring" is what most people call it, but let me tell you, it was not boring. BigStuf Curch Camp is anything but boring. Thrilling, exciting, and peaceful describe the atmosphere best. What it really is though, is... (more »)
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I found that it is simple things and actions that light fires beneath greater problems. Small things always lead to big things. Sometimes the problem is so close to a tipping point that the lightest thing will be the one with the biggest impact.... (more »)
What You See Is Sanity
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 What’s the idea of insanity? The definition is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.I do the same thing over and over again. So by a defined definite definition I’m definitely doomed. The... (more »)
It's the Most Commercial Time of the Year
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As I squeeze through the open door, the cold morning air transforms into dry, artificial heating. Red carpet and lights decorate the wide path before me, split in half by white dividers. People in jackets and sweaters crowd behind me as I hurry... (more »)
Pride and Perseverance
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“What’s the difference between a Jew and pizza? When you put pizza in the oven it doesn’t scream.” The amount of times I’ve heard somebody tell a ‘joke’ like this is innumerable. How does it benefit one... (more »)
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A characteristic of our sworn enemy jealousy. You see, it is what prevented Satan from obeying The one and only. It’s like a malignant cancerous Tumor invading our minds and our thoughts. Rapidly consuming every last bit Of rationality... (more »)
Role of Women in Islam and How Foreign...
How do you feel fear of showing your passport at the Houston International Airport? It should feel like a quick chore before entering the Country however that was never the case for me. Every time I have to pull out my chestnut colored passport... (more »)
"I Most Respectfully Return Him the...
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Suffering is a natural occurrence. Without it, we would not be able to appreciate goodness and happiness. Where does suffering come from? There is no concrete answer to this question. Those who believe in God say it comes from Him. They say that... (more »)
Compare: Buddhism and Christianity
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Webster’s New World College Dictionary defines Buddhism as “a religion and philosophic system of central and eastern Asia, founded in India in the 6th century B.C. by Buddha; it teaches that right thinking and self-denial will... (more »)
This I Believe
This I Believe Everyone has to overcome an obstacle in their life that may seem like the end of the world. They may lose their job, have an awful breakup, or even have to overcome an illness.  What I have learned, is that nothing is... (more »)
Expository Essay
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As people grow up they start to think about what career they want. Without a job it would be difficult to support themselves and their families. Ever since I was nine, I've been thinking about what I wanted to be when I got older. Now that I am... (more »)
Do You Have Trouble With Your Faith?
Have you ever gone through a tough time and wondered if God truly exists?  I lost my Papa last year in the February of 2014, and words cannot describe the pain and sadness my family and I went through.  I cried myself asleep for a... (more »)
Believing In God
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As people get older they realize that they don’t know if there’s one or two gods. Sometimes they realize that there is one God and he loves them. I have been thinking about the whole one or more god thing. Since I have been getting... (more »)
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