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Here are the most recent spirituality / religion articles:

My Dragon
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I have a dragon. Let me be clear – don’t ignore this statement just because it sounds ridiculous – I have a dragon that lives in my pocket. And before you search my pockets, it’s a dragon that only I can sense in... (more »)
Not Ashamed
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"For I am not ashamed of the gospel.  It is the power of God for salvation of everyone who believes…." (Romans 1:16). There are so many people in the world who live by this statement; christian singers have this scripture... (more »)
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Credit to the Playwright
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Yes, I am a Christian. I am not perfect; I am me. I struggle with my faith, as we've all heard the southern Baptists preach to stony crowds coming to be saved. To tell you the truth, I hate religion. In the eyes of a cynic, it's nothing... (more »)
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What is worth the ultimate sacrifice? Seriously. What are you willing to die for? Heroes in books and movies are typically willing to die to save the world. Martyrs are willing to die for what they believe in. Soldiers are willing to die to... (more »)
How Christianity Affects Society Today
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Please note, This is not written as an opinionated essay or a persuasive one. I wrote this because of my agitation towards todays standards. I was also inspired by an artical written on TeenInk entitles “Things Wrong in... (more »)
Pain and suffering
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"I dont need to know your name to know your pain...I have my own. I dont need to see your home to know your shame...I have my own. But someone loved me just the way I was...and someone will love you just the way you are." (REGGIE) This gguy is... (more »)
Issues in Christianity
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The idea of free will has always seemed such a paradox to me. I have spent many sleepless nights lying in bed, wondering. Did God really give us free will?   I am a Christian. But to me so many things about Christianity make little... (more »)
A New Bud Within
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The cultural event that I decided to attend was a church event called an “Overnighter” at All Nations Church. One of our interns organized this event specifically for high school seniors. Every Friday there is something called Friday Night... (more »)
God is Real and Alive
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“ Is God dead? Is GOD Real? The answers to these questions are NO AND YES! God is real people know this because if they pray or prayed for something and he did not answer and the thing they prayed for did not happen… Well they would no... (more »)
Atheism and God
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What is God? To the homosexual, it is the voice telling them, “No, you can’t.” To a woman, it is fear and unjust treatment. To the children, it is the parent, driving them down the path already carved by politicians, priests,... (more »)
My Belief
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A choice is all someone needs in order to be the person they want to be.  I made the choice to believe what I think today.  I never thought more about my religion other than that I must follow it and live by it.  The choice I... (more »)
I Believe
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I believe in my savior Jesus Christ. I do not just beleive in him becasue it is what my parents think, I believe in him becasue it is what I want to believe. I have made my own decision about this. He has changed my life in so many ways. He has... (more »)
Can Morality Exist Without Religion?
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Morality is the degree to which something is right and good; it describes ones belief of what the right behavior is, and then how one fulfills this belief. It has been argued that religion is the base from which one forms their sense of morality.... (more »)
Why I'm Still Roman Catholic
By , West Newton, PA
The reason I'm still Roman Catholic, even after coming out as bisexual and supporting evolution is because The Catholic Church  has order and I have hope that it will keep progressing and changing for the better. Our current pope, Pope Francis,... (more »)
Why Creationism Is True
By , Monticello, IL
“In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” Genesis 1:1 In the beginning. Just ponder that for a second. In the beginning. Before the earth began, there was nothing but God. Sometimes, that can be a hard notion to grasp, but... (more »)
Man's Reign Over Women
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As an American I can say that I have just as many rights as any other man in this unified and just nation. All the women here can vote, have jobs, be independent and make their own choices. Have you ever thought about the rest of the world?... (more »)
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