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The Game Changer
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My papa always asked me, “life’s a good old game of cricket isn’t it son?” I didn’t understand at first but just nodded my head and agreed. As years passed and my beard grew longer and his was no more, the game of... (more »)
An Address to Muslim Youth
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Oh the muslim youth have you ever pondered on deep and profound things. What is this world if in which you are nothing but a broken star. You have come from a stock that nourishes you in the close embracing of love. Your ancestors are those... (more »)
The Truth Behind Fear
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Some people are afraid of the dark. Being alone in a room without being able to use your sense of sight terrifies people as they cannot see what is around them and what may come at them at any given time. Restricting one of your major senses... (more »)
Who Influences Your Religion?
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People say that religion is your descision. Yet when we really think about religion, we realize that it is something we are taught.   Religion is something that we get as kids. Our minds are still easy to mold into whatever our parents... (more »)
Religion Unorthodox Approach
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Since civilization first emerged, religion has always been a way for people to distinguish between right and wrong and unite under one faith. The most common religions that have survived from B.C.E. up until modern day are monotheistic.... (more »)
The God of an Atheist
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At 15, I decided I was an athiest. Yeah, even before I figured out which college I’d like to go, which major I’ll pursue, which internship I intend to enroll in, or, as a matter of fact, which Hogwarts house I belong to or... (more »)
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Hey, I’m (Insert alias here) and you might be surprised when I tell you this, but I am muslim. Wait… What? How are you not a terrorist. Well I’m not, and what bothers me is that everyone thinks that all muslims are terrorists. Gosh darnit... (more »)
Women Priests in the Catholic Church
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As Catholics, we are taught that our faith is descended from Jesus. We are told that more so than Lutherans, Anglicans, Episcopalians, and Protestants of all kinds, we can trace our bloodline back to Peter, the rock and the Pope. We are chosen.... (more »)
Inner Beauty
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A small simple word but with momentous meaning. Beauty doesn't mean having stunning face and body but true beauty lies in your soul, your character, and your confidence. "Your inner beauty never needs makeup." It only... (more »)
Encomium on Mother Theresa
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Prologue It is good to honor those who have done great things for humanity in a clear and purposeful way. So, I will honor Mother Theresa for being a woman of clear purpose (clarity) and goodness (propriety). She fought for those who... (more »)
Jesus Wept
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Pain and violence have become fundamental qualities of humanity’s worldwide community. Inhumane acts of cruelty and aggression continuously threaten and destroy peace. Jesus wept because of mankind’s sin and disbelief; Jesus weeps... (more »)
Cracking the Butterfly Effect Code
By , Houston, TX
If a small detail was changed, the Holocaust could have been prevented, saving millions of lives. The death of Adolf Hitler’s mother caused him to move to Vienna. Afterward, Adolf Hitler applied to the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna where... (more »)
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Peace is such an important aspect of all lives, yet we never seem to be able to find It. Peace is uncircumstantial- you could be in the busiest time in your life or laying on a beach and still achieve peace. But the question is how? Of course it... (more »)
Born Again
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They said I was a little too religious. I worshipped a stage; a little wooden table on too flimsy stools, where a man, usually old and balding and always white, would stand up and tell me how to think I was taught to sit down, sit quietly,... (more »)
An Odd Concept
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Religion is such an odd concept. Sitting in the rows of threadbare seats. Listening to someone wearing a outfit and a disgusted look on their face, preach something you don't understand. For your sake at least, let's hope you don't... (more »)
Our Temples
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Our bodies are works of art. We are created by the master of art, and we are His master pieces. Yet, we destroy this piece of art that He has created by treating our bodies like garbage. To simply put it, we do not take care of our bodies the... (more »)
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