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Most Recent Spirituality / Religion Articles

Here are the most recent spirituality / religion articles:

"why have you all forgotten Me?"...
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Why have we forgotten God? You have forgotten to pray to him and seek his face. God is saying “you all are my children whether it be in Christ or not” why must you wait till in adult to become serious with Christianity, become... (more »)
Finding Your Sheep
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Back in "Bible Times", shepherds stood out. And they'd stand out today. They didn't lead their sheep by walking in front. They sure didn't have a Lassie dog to run around and keep the sheep in place. No, shepherding was a lot... smellier. ... (more »)
I'm So Sick of This
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I am white. I am a Catholic. According to certain mindsets, I am evil. And my father is even worse. Because he is a white, Catholic MAN, he is a racist and a homophobe. Because of two genetic traits and a personal choice, my father... (more »)
Evolution Is False
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Note: Although I have already written a partial article on the topic of the theory of evolution I have decided to write another. Some of this piece is taken from my other article (titled, ‘The Big Bang Theory and Evolution are... (more »)
Five Things I Learned on a Mission Trip
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This past week I attended a Conference in Chicago with my youth group that helped train us in how to effectively share the Gospel with others. It was the most amazing experience ever and I learned SO much. In this blog post, I’ll be sharing... (more »)
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Fear the Fettuccini
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For the unenlightened mortals of the world who have forsaken religion, take this as your first warning and new sacrament by which your life will be lived from this moment forward. Those reading this divine message will experience judgment of the... (more »)
The Case for Pantheism: Why the Modern World...
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We are born, we live, we die. Three undisputed facts of humanity’s complex existence. But what is to come before and after these things, and why? By millions of individuals across the globe, and throughout the course of history, the solution... (more »)
A Madman's Ramblings?
By , Eaton, CO
Sometimes we turn away. We turn our backs on what we put our life into; what we believed. And it hurts. It hurts, but we ignore it, we adapt to it, and we move on. Because we don’t like being responsible for something that was bad.... (more »)
Religious Freedom in America: Editorial
Do you believe in liberty, freedom, and the American dream? Would you fight to protect these things you hold dear? While participating in an afterschool program known as REACH, a young man was told that he could read any book he wanted... (more »)
The Remarkable Benefits of Practicing Gratitude
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The practice of gratitude can seem an extremely difficult task, specifically at points in life where things don’t go the way we expected them to, when our earnest efforts don’t bear fruit, when you can’t find a way out of ordeals and... (more »)
Religion: A Game of Fools
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Religion is a massive influence in our daily lives. It has affected us for centuries on end, since when the early primitive humans created deities to explain natural events, and it still does nowadays when the primitive humans still create or... (more »)
Necessary Boundaries
By , Irvine, CA
Ever since the scientific method has been introduced to the human society during the Renaissance period, science has advanced human lives like never before. During the past 500 or so years after the invention of scientific method we have... (more »)
I Do Not Worship the Devil
By , Boothwyn, PA
One of the greatest benefits to living in the United States is the freedom citizens have to practice whichever religion they desire; anything from the more mainstream religions like Christianity and Judaism to the recently popular hoax religion... (more »)
I Wonder
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I wonder why people must be insane to grasp reality. I wonder where people went wrong when they thought about life—saying it’s stressful and such. I wonder what people think about when confronted with the truth—that it’s a gift, not a... (more »)
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Vague Religion
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Religion is a vague term. We defy it as who we worship, practice, obey... There are arguments about different religions. Why does someone's God and views effect another person, to the point where an argument breaks out? To me, religion is... a... (more »)
The Confessions of a So-Called Middle Child
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“She stood in the storm, and when the wind did not blow her away, she adjusted her sails.”-Elizabeth Edwards I am free-spirited. I take risks, loves to challenge and to be challenged. I am curious, imaginative and open-minded,... (more »)
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