The Truth Behind Fear

August 15, 2017
By thestars SILVER, Colmar, Pennsylvania
thestars SILVER, Colmar, Pennsylvania
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"Sometimes you need to take a step back in order to move forward" -Erika Taylor

Some people are afraid of the dark. Being alone in a room without being able to use your sense of sight terrifies people as they cannot see what is around them and what may come at them at any given time. Restricting one of your major senses makes the person rely on another one of their senses which may not be as strong as the power of sight.

Others are afraid of heights. Looking down at people who have suddenly turned into the size of ants is just not exciting to these types of people. Being that high up and the force of gravity always against them makes them feel as if they will fall all the way to the ground in a matter of seconds.

There are plenty of different types of fears. They can be small and fixable others are much stronger and irreversible. Sometimes it depends on the person and their ability to face their fear and overcome it with a little determination.


Most fears are only in your head and one can easily get through these fears and change them into small battles that belong to a massive war. Most fears are not shared by the entire population but one fear that exists in every human is the fear of not being in control.


Humans always want to be in control of their actions and what happens to the people around them. So when a natural disaster strikes or a person that they love gets an illness most people feel useless and they feel as if they cannot do anything to help.

When events like this happen people believe that there is a higher force that IS in control of all of these traumatizing events.

When people believe in a higher force God is born and with God comes religion and theories of all of the mysteries in the world.


People in Vietnam believe that a giant frog devours the sun when a solar eclipse happens.
The Blackfoot Native Americans believe that Napioa created the Earth, animals, and the wind.
The Greeks have Gods and Goddesses that control every aspect of life from love to wisdom to war.

In Hinduism, a Goddess struck a God in the middle of their shoulder blades which ultimately separated Heaven from Earth.

A Jewish belief states that demons have the power to control a person to marry a demonic double of who they are supposed to. This is a legend to explain all of the terrible marriages that happen.


All of these religions have something in common. They all consist of a superhuman that controls aspects of life that regular humans do not have control over.

I believe that this is the reason that there are different religions all over the world. Humans cannot accept the fact that they do not have control over particular events in life so they come to a conclusion that there is a mightier force that does have control. Someone must always be in control, things cannot just happen on their own.
Humans that live in different areas of the world obviously cannot all think of the same mightier force that is controlling life so different religions and different Gods/Goddesses are born. Each religion is filled with their own legends and theories on why the universe works the way it does.

Religion exists to help humans understand that there is a force controlling the world and good things will come from the harm that the bad cause.

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