An Address to Muslim Youth

August 13, 2017
By sidewalkteen BRONZE, Lahore, Other
sidewalkteen BRONZE, Lahore, Other
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Oh the muslim youth have you ever pondered on deep and profound things. What is this world if in which you are nothing but a broken star. You have come from a stock that nourishes you in the close embracing of love. Your ancestors are those great men who trampled under foot the crowns of kings and daras.  They lived in pure pain and in the fear of god. They led a modest and a simple care free life. They were the holders, keepers , saviours of what we call world and its cultures. Had it not been for your ancestors this world would now had been in chaos. The world was on the edge of chaos before our ancestors took charge and led the mankind from the dark of ignorance to the light of faith and knowledge. There is no standard with which to judge yours and your father’s worth. You utter words they did deeds. They were travellers and they roamed all over, gaining treasures of knowledge and at the same time studying the nature the world and determining its true reality. They were pious and God fearing people. They were humble and modest people and you oh the muslim youth! You have no right to be proud to be the successors of such great people. You have despoiled the inheritance that you from your fathers won. There was a passion in everything they did and now today you do deeds but they never sound soulfully like that of your ancestors. Those books which our fathers wrote we, their sons haven’t gained a glint of knowledge from them instead we see them in the libraries of Europe we see the other nations inhaling the knowledge which our fathers gathered instead of us. Oh the muslim youth! Its time to wake up and take charge like our fathers did. Only education and books can inspire us to do this.

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Tribute to our national poet Allama Iqbal who inspired us to wake up and struggle hard to form an independent homeland.

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