Encomium on Mother Theresa

May 18, 2017
By Lisawashere GOLD, Los Angeles, California
Lisawashere GOLD, Los Angeles, California
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It is good to honor those who have done great things for humanity in a clear and purposeful way. So, I will honor Mother Theresa for being a woman of clear purpose (clarity) and goodness (propriety). She fought for those who struggled in poverty and sickness. She won the Nobel Peace Prize for her services to the sick and the poor and it is hard to find a woman who was so devoted to serving the underprivileged. She gave her free service to the poorest of the poor. She did it better than anyone else. She was the first to win the Nobel prize for services to the poor and the sick. For none have done as much for the poor and the sick as Mother Theresa and so I will honor her. 

Mother Theresa was born in the Macedonia in the town of Skopje (nation). Her ancestors are Macedonians and she was born as the youngest child of Nikolle and Dranafile Bojaxhiu (parent particular). At an early age, Mother Theresa was drawn to the work of the missionaries and as a child she knew that she wished to spread the word of God. When she left her family, she never saw them again yet they stayed in her heart and in her work. Mother Theresa became a child of God and sought to carry out his mission for her in the work that she performed.



At age 18, Mother Theresa left her family home to join the Sisters of Loreto in Ireland with the view of becoming a missionary (pursuits). She took her solemn vows in India and taught at St Teresa’s school, close to her convent (arts).  Mother Theresa taught at a school in India and was devoted to her students and to the convent. However she felt that God was calling her to a higher mission. She saw the poor in India and wanted to do something to help them. On a train trip, she heard God’s voice. It was the Call within the call! She felt nervous about leaving the convent because it was very secure and she was safe there. However, she left and gave up all her wordly possessions. She left the convent to help the poor and she lived among them (custom).  The first year was very hard for Mother Theresa yet she carried out God’s mission for her. She helped the poor and the sick. 


In 1948, Mother Teresa began her missionary work with the poor. She started her work in India. She received basic medical training and ventured into the slums. She wanted to help the poorest of the poor. In 1948, Mother Teresa replaced her nun’s habit with a simple Indian sari. She replaced her habit in order to say goodbye to the convent and to work with the poor in the slums. She removed her habit so she could live with the poor and be accepted by them (custom). In 1949, Mother Teresa laid the foundation for a new religious community in India. A group of young women joined Mother Teresa. The new religious community was built to help the very sick and poor (Fortune).  The religious community started with the work of one woman–Mother Theresa. Mother Theresa laid the foundation for a remarkable community. Across the world, people started to talk about her work and they emulated her. Her reputation grew and other communities sprang up around the world. People established communities to help the poor and the sick. Mother Theresa started this. Mother Theresa was given the Nobel Peace Prize for all the good work that she did for the poor and the needy. It was the first time the Peace Prize was given for religious purposes. Mother Theresa served the oppressed and the needy. She brought peace to a community that was crying out for love and shelter. She shared all these things with the poor and the sick. She never complained and was always dutiful in her purpose. God guided her and rewarded her with good friends and love from others. 



Who can compare to Mother Theresa who is now a saint? After Mother Theresa died, she was made a saint because of her goodness to the poor and the sick. When the Virgin Mary died, God invited her to heaven where she sits with the King of Kings. There are very few women who are as saintly as these two women. Only the Virgin Mary can be as saintly as Mother Theresa. Mother Teresa was committed to helping the very poor and sick. The Virgin Mary was committed to raising her son, Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ came into this world to help the poor and the suffering. The Virgin Mary raised him to be a good man and was guided by God’s wisdom. Mother Teresa is for the poor as the Virgin Mary is for motherhood.  They are both saintly women. 

Let us thank God for sending us Mother Theresa. Saint Teresa who loved everyone, especially the very sick and the poor!

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