Ignored Children

November 28, 2016
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We live in  a day and age where people are raised differently. Some parents parent the way they were parented when they were kids. Sometime depending on the ancestor, tradition is not always right thing to pass on. Spiritually and physically. Sometimes parents and children can act ignorant and sometimes arrogant, but some parents believe that since they are the child’s parents they have the right to tell them anything they want, but it may not be what God wants?

God is the ultimate parent of every being and thing on this earth because we all came from him and his spirit. He then gave us laws for us to follow and we would be punished if we followed them or not. Back then people’s connection with God was much more tighter and stronger because of the less things and sins that were going on. Now that technology has enhanced so has sin, and it is exponentially growing today. When God created us we were made in his image and we were to follow what he did so that we may be one with him, but as time went over parents skills have changed and now have raised children to raise children to become like their parents’ image and not God’s. Children are ignored by the parents. Some parents believe that they own their child because they came from them and usually say “Without me you couldn’t be here” however to say that may be medically true, but not spiritually. In facts God would’ve made you be born to a different family with the same spirit but a different body. Some Parents usually don’t care what children think anyway and/or how they feel on a subject which causes children to be raised in a matter of fear of public speaking because they would often think that the public wouldn’t care of what they think on a subject. Sometimes parents intentions don’t meet their actions and sometimes it doesn’t look like it.

In conclusion, it may seem that parents are just overly mean and annoying, but the question that you have to ask is this, Why was I born to this family, who doesn’t care about my feelings and my emotions? Sometimes God puts in areas where we need to be enlightened and need to be enriched or for someone else. Some children are born so their parents can enrich them to the person God wants them to be, and some parents are there for you to enrich them. So what they are ignorant, let them know that you have feelings and what you feel on a matter, but not in a violent way, but a loving way they it will force themselves to look in a mirror and see that their ways are not matching their intentions. We need to fix parents, but first, we need God to use us to fix us in a way so that we can fix our parents and be guided by God to be raised the way God has for us to be raised.

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