“The worried is lost at sea” Saith the Lord

November 25, 2016
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God said: “For my worried people are lost sea, they seek not my face but worry of the things to come and what the result is of there past that will turn into the future. I have made the will and the changes are not to be erased but they are permanent. I have thought to you thoughts that will change your mind of your worrying but you have ignored them. Pray to me and watch me cast them away to the sea. For I cast all problems unto the sea, with your consult and without your consult to me. But those who are worried are clinging onto the things and problems I cast into the sea, for they are lost at sea. You people have forgotten the words to leave it in my hands for to do these things. For you have endangered yourself unto the people and the children which watch you. You cling on as you sink into the sea, but pray to me for the burden and drowning and heavy tides to stop but you hold on the problems. Some problems sink and some problems float and some people will be struck by lightning because the problems that float on the sea of forgetfulness must be struck in order it to be forgotten and destroyed. Then stick with long and you will be forgotten unto the people of the World. Let not these words go to the dirt buried with it."

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