Where to Miss? The Stars.

September 6, 2016
By TasneemKabir BRONZE, Jammu, Other
TasneemKabir BRONZE, Jammu, Other
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When you gaze up at the azure vastness of the sky, does it ever occur to you that this infinitely large platform fosters millions of seemingly minuscule masses of hot, livid gas called stars? Is it not a physical, vivid miracle of the Lord when a celestial body so much bigger than the blue planet we call home seems merely a glimmering speck in the sky? In fact, there’s something much more grappling to me than these scintillating specks. It’s the fact that the intangible sky is a mere illusion for what we get to see of it is not even close to what it really is! The sky defies all dimensions. It is space- space ornamented with a million celestial bodies, each housing and nurturing some unfathomable form of life that has continued to elude us for the last billion years or so of our utterly human existence.

To think that the solar system is a small, whole little existence is an idea that’s hard to decipher for the earth itself, to us humans, is a massive expanse. So what does that leave humans as- wandering, seeking, zealous and passionate dots of nothingness? I don’t mind that at all, if it means I can stay up at night and wonder at it all! The universe, to me, is an intricately interwoven conspiracy- a world within a world bigger still. When man set foot on the moon for the very first time, man no doubt felt victorious but he must’ve felt abashed and miffed all the same. This is because these nascent steps proved to him that the sky is NOT at all the limit and man has been held from unraveling all of this inspiring, disarming intricacy for so long.

Reaching the moon is no big deal at all, given that it is just one, meagre satellite of the solar system, which in turn is one of the many systems that coexist harmoniously, each guarding its clandestine mysteries with utmost meticulousness. I could go on and on in praise of this massive, solid hollowness called space. The stars seem to guard us and our loved ones, prophets of God out there to shower positivity and a feeling of completeness and knowledge- knowledge that we are not alone, that out there, over and above all of this dazzling, shattering transcendence rests the ever-great throne of the Almighty!

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