I Don't Mind

October 23, 2013
I am the kind of person who wasn't raised on a certain religion. That might have something to do with what I am about to say now.

When people say I should believe in Jesus, I say exactly this:
I believe what I want to believe. My personal opinion is that there IS no god, or even a higher power for that matter. And I am NOT a devil worshiper. I just simply don't believe.
I do not mind that you believe, though. I have nothing against Christianity. I say that we should all just agree to disagree.
Just because I have no faith in god, dos not mean I have no faith at all. I have faith in myself and in my career.
I know what most of you are thinking, though. "Jesus is good for you. If you don't believe then you'll go to hell."
Well, then that's my problem. And I personally think that you will be sent into a next life, and not burn for the rest of eternity.
But again, I have nothing against your beliefs.

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