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May 1, 2013
I believe in God. Absolutely. When I look through the eyepiece of a microscope and see thousands of cells, all dividing and reproducing and replicating; there is no doubt in my mind that God exists. When I imagine the human body,proteins stacking and DNA transcribing into RNA, neurons racing; there is no doubt in my mind that God exists. When I study the solar system and look through a telescope at Venus and a million stars; there is no doubt in my mind that God exists.
So why do I prefer Buddhism over Christianity?
I have been in a Christian cult. I have been kicked out of churches. I have been attacked on the street by a Christian mob. I have been refused entrance to a church because I considered myself "nondenominational". Don't get me wrong, I do not believe these experiences reflect the entirety of all Christians. Just because my background was bad doesn't mean that all Christians behave that way. In fact, the majority of my hometown is very Christian. I do not resent Christians, and I'm always respectful to them.
But I'm sure you can understand my hesitancy to declare myself a Christian.
I have always believed that our reason for existing is to help each other. Sharing what we have, working for what we don't...all together in a perfect world of harmony. While looking for inner harmony, I discovered the works of Buddhism one year ago. I meditate every night, a simple ten-minute silence only penetrated by a soft hum. I have studied the lives of Buddhist monks and books by the Dalai Lama. I have found inner peace and prosperity by the workings of Buddhism, more than I ever have before. Buddhism brought my life back together, I amended old rivalries, sparked new friendships and relationships, I even started doing better in school. Buddhism says that we are the reason for our own happiness, which, to me, makes the most sense. We cause ourselves to become angry, or sad, or happy. We can control our emotions through meditation and silence. I found my soul deep inside myself and discovered a new "me" that I liked much better.
The best part? I have support. Everyone in my hometown recognizes my new-found life, and despite the majority being Christian, I am accepted. I've started a club in school dedicated to acknowledging religions often looked over or ignored.
I am a Buddhist living in a Christian world.

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TargonTheDragon said...
May 5, 2013 at 4:27 pm
Im glad you mentioned the "i know this does not reflect all Christians" statement, because i totally agree. i myself, as a Christian, am appalled at the things that people claim to do "in the name of Jesus". i have a newfound and deep respect for you, and by what youve said, i would say that alot of my "Christian" practices, such as prayer and meditation on the Bible, along with time spent with God, is not very different from your silence and meditation. i pray you ... (more »)
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