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My Favorite Biblical Metaphor

April 18, 2013
By AbbaDabbaDoo PLATINUM, Mountain Grove, Missouri
AbbaDabbaDoo PLATINUM, Mountain Grove, Missouri
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Some folks are wise and some are otherwise. I guess we know which one you are.

Ye are the salt of the earth: . . . Ye are the light of the world" –Mathew 5: 13-14
I think this is my favorite Biblical metaphor, although there are too many to really say for sure. Ye are the salt of the earth. God was talking to all of us in this verse. Think about that. We aren’t literally salt, of course. God knows that, and so do we. What I think it means is this:
What does salt do? It preserves the dead, dying, or short-lasting so that it doesn’t decay or die. It adds taste and flavor to all foods, and makes it all taste better. So when God calls us salt, I think that means we are to preserve His Word and spread it around the world so that nothing is bland or tasteless.
Ye are the light of the world. Jesus was also called the “light of the world,” and he healed the sick and made the blind see. Does that mean we have to find out how to cure cancer? Absolutely not! Jesus shed light on the dark world. He shared the Gospel with a Gospel-less world. That’s what we should do. Once again, Jesus tells us to preserve and share His Word, to shed light onto the lightless.
Even though we don’t have to go around miraculously making the deaf hear, (you can stop holding your breath,) those are still big shoes to fill. People will ridicule and possibly harm you; your feet will bleed from the long, rough trail; and you will have “no place to rest your head”, but God has a plan always for your benefit, never to harm you. He allows turmoil to make you who you are, to lead you to Him.
I’m getting off track here. Sorry. Yeah, yeah, I know, I know. I need to work on it. But still, didn’t you learn some things?”

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