I Stand for Innovation

March 4, 2013
By BrunetteBrilliance GOLD, Oswego, Illinois
BrunetteBrilliance GOLD, Oswego, Illinois
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"The snake that cannot shed its skin will have to die."

Let's just make this clear, I'm a minority, thriving in a 75% Christian nation. I respect religion for what it is. I may not agree with it from a personal perspective, but in a diverse culture, a broad array of faiths is necessary, such as a hint of cilantro to an Italian cuisine. As humans, we see the world egocentrically, from behind our own eyes. We struggle to understand other opinions, yet desire to simultaneously. This toxic concoction titled the mind has lead to numerous expanding stereotypes, partisans, etc, one of which being against Atheists, a flourishing group that,according to polls,is despised more than terrorists. If you aren't one, you probably aren't well versed on what it is. And, if you are somehow educated, it's most likely bias. No, we aren't satanists. No, we don't hate God. After all, how can we hate that in which we don't believe in? Believe it or not, Atheism is a faith, but not a religion. Religion is a faith that worships a higher power not seen by the human eye. Atheism is a faith which follows provable science, but requires a strong inner-assurance to deny spiritual deities, classifying it as a faith. As an Atheist, my goal is not to denounce your beliefs for my own pleasure, nor is it to rattle on facts and evidence that go against your ideas. Surprisingly enough, it is to inspire innovation, in that you can lead a successful life on your own terms, without the feeling of owing it to a higher power. You can walk outside, breath in the fresh air, rejoice in the sanctity of your home, and consume your favorite meal without thanking someone or something. Yes, it can happen, your life can still function. No it's not a depressing life, it's one that simply works for a portion of people. No, I'm not concerned about having nothing to look forward to in the after-life, personally it can't be any different than it was before we were born. I can enjoy what's in front of me and take it for what it is. You don't have to side with me, but at least side with independent ideas. I'm simply the girl who can stand without reluctance in a crowd of bowing heads. I can stand for innovation.

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