A Loving God

February 22, 2013
The message of God and who God is has been misinterpreted and has misguided humans. Humanity has been told time and time again to be good people and to reduce sin in their lives so that good and better things could be brought to them. God does not search for the human with fewer sins on their soul, or for the better person in the world to reward them. An individual must give up their life to search for God and to receive the rewarding knowledge of Jesus. The God of humanity is a loving God waiting for humans to love Him back. To be rewarded, humans must boast in their weakness, search for God, and live the life God calls them to live.

Humans must find the strength to admit that they are weak and full of sin. God knows that humans are imperfect and He knew that as history began but heaven is a place of perfection, where only the sinless could enter. God knew that a person without sin would have to willingly die and take the weight of human sin onto their soul to give humans a chance at going to heaven. Since God is the only perfect being He sent Himself in the form of Jesus to take on the punishment of sin. Through His death and resurrection He cleansed humans of their sins and made them spotless. For God so loved his children that he gave up His life to allow humans to sin and still enter heaven. God knew every sin a person would commit but he did not care, this is why humans must boast in their weakness and remember the works of God because weakness is where Jesus is most present.

Searching for God is the way to thank Him for all He has done. God asks everything from a human for He gave everything to humanity. God is not looking to find someone; God has already found everyone and loves him or her unconditionally. Now it is up to humans to search for God and to find Him and love Him with the same love He has given to them. Loving God is putting God ahead of everything in this world, including family and friends. Loving God is living a hard life with a pleasant end and a new beginning.

God calls everyone to live life a certain way but only few answer His calls. God wants everyone to give up their life, to live in grace and unity with Him. He needs people to realize the reasons as to why they are on Earth, the reason why humans have been given life. God wants every human to preach the message of the gospel; this is the soul purpose of life. Knowledge of the almighty God must be shouted and yelled at every street corner and bus station because when a person truly knows God, keeping that knowledge is selfish. Not spreading His news would be like keeping the cure to cancer a secret.

The ultimate reward that God could ever give is heaven, eternal life with Him. Heaven is a place of perfection and a place where no sin stains. Heaven is a new life where the glory never ends and the precious moments never become memories. The ultimate goal of an earthly life is to be rewarded with heaven by a loving God. To be rewarded, humans must boast in their weakness, search for God, and live the life God calls them to live.

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Imaloverandafighter said...
Feb. 25, 2013 at 3:51 pm
He can care less about what you have done all He wants is YOU  
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