February 5, 2013
Patience is something that many Christians struggle with. As young and old, we struggle to have patience with other people, our situations, and even hearing from God.
Patience is what keeps a person when everything else fails. Psalm 37:7 says, “Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him; do not fret when men succeed in their ways, when they carry out their wicked schemes.” Meaning don’t get upset or frustrated when people come up against you by talking about you, hurting you physically, putting down your self-esteem, and etc. Don’t worry about it and wait for God to help you. It also suggest from the whole Psalm 37 that why should you worry about the men who do evil because they will wither away like blades of grass, so you should keep doing your good deeds and staying righteous before the Lord. Patience is huge to a christian walk because it leads to endurance. Most youth struggle with this because we get annoyed very easily. That’s why we have to train ourselves to be patient. When satan tests us with people that get on our last nerves, if we can just be tolerate with that person or group of people without cursing them out or yelling at them than we’ll all grow in our patience. Even if that person or group of people are picking on you and you say absolutely nothing and they might think you’re a punk, but actually you might be protecting them from the old you. The person who might just rip them in half because of your hurt and pain over the years, but if you can just endure then you have patience to pass anything that comes your way.

Yes, young Christians and people of different religion struggle with patience, but we can overcome it through Christ who loves us. We should notice our flaws and pray for ask for deliverances from our daily flaws. We should practice good manners because faith without deeds is dead. You can pray on it, but you have to take action and remember we make mistakes everyday, but if we learn from those mistakes, we’ll become a better person.

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