Perpetual Worship

January 19, 2013
By ZephyrPunk PLATINUM, Richmond, Ohio
ZephyrPunk PLATINUM, Richmond, Ohio
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When I first read about how when we die all we are going to do is worship God, I thought “Wow that must be pretty boring, doing nothing but worship forever.” But back then I didn’t know what worship really is. What is worship? Well, according to Google dictionary, “(worship is) the feeling or expression of reverence and adoration.” In other words, worship is anything that you do to show reverence or admiration for someone or something. For example, if you were to see your favorite celebrity walking down your street, you probably wouldn’t just ignore him. On the contrary, you would make a big deal about it and probably at least ask for his autograph. That is a definite expression of admiration, and therefore worship. I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing to ask celebrities for their autographs, as a matter of fact, God made our minds work in a way that will make up admire people. This is how we learn and improve ourselves.

So what is the difference between that and worshiping God? Honestly, not much. Anything that you do for God or that you give God credit for is a form of worship. Not all worship is just singing, praying or reading the Bible. All of these things are good forms of worship, but they are not the only ones. God gives us gifts for a reason. That reason is to worship him using these gifts. That is our reason to live, the reason we were created. Think of all the things that you most enjoy doing. For example, I enjoy drawing, discovering new things, singing and writing. All of these things can be a form of worship. Writing this article is a form of worship because I am doing it for God. Everyone seems to know that singing is a form of worship, but many don’t seem to know why. When I sing to God, I send my feelings bursting through the music, up to heaven. Sometimes it is just telling Him how I feel, like prayer, only louder. This is a form of worship because Jesus wants us to tell him everything; it is an act of friendship. Real friends can tell each other everything, and the most important thing in life is your relationship with Him. Other times I sing about how awesome God is. That is an expression of reverence and adoration. When I discover new things about the universe, it reminds me how great God is. For me, the beauty and wonder of God’s creation is the basis of my faith. By acknowledging the fact that God made this beautiful universe, I show admiration, and am therefore worshiping Him.

Not everyone is good at the same thing. If we were, life would be rather boring I think. Whatever you like doing, that is what you can use to worship God. Now to get back to the idea of perpetual worship. What could possibly be more fun than doing only the stuff you like every day? It will be like a perpetual weekend. There will be no need to acquire money, and all the other annoying distractions from the things we enjoy doing in life will simply not exist. We will be worshiping God forever and ever, and not have to worry about anything. To me, that sounds like perfect bliss.

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