Don’t Take Christ out of Christmas

January 10, 2013
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Christmas is a holiday that in my faith started a long, long time, specifically on Jesus’s birthday. Now I accept the fact that other people have their own religion and that religion can even include not celebrating Christmas, and that’s ok. My problem and where my strong religious opinion comes out is when people of my religion celebrate the holiday for the wrong reasons. I am Christian and yes I do enjoy getting the gifts on Christmas morning, its always a blast and nobody can deny the fact that they enjoy getting gifts but, when “Christians” completely forget the WHOLE meaning behind there faith and what Christmas should be is where there needs to be a change. If you are faithful to Jesus Christ you know what “The Reason for the Season” truly is. A little thing that bothers me and its just me being me, is when Christians who spell Christmas; X-mas. I feel there is a hidden meaning behind that and they are personally forgetting the reason for the holiday which is when Jesus Christ was born by Virgin Mary. Now I know we all have our own opinions and I completely, one-hundred percent respect that but I have faith just as everybody and believe that you cant take Christ out of Christmas if you have the faith!

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