The Beginning and the End, Yahweh

December 17, 2012
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Do you believe in evilness? I do. Do you believe there is a constant battle between good and evil? I do. Do you believe in God? I do. Do you believe he is a good God? I do. But most importantly do you believe the universe was created by a random explosion or as others call it the “Big Bang”? I don’t.

I don’t understand why some people deny any existence of a God. Those non-believers claim that if there is a God that there wouldn’t be any pain and sorrow. But the truth is we have the pain and sorrow in the world because man-kind is a race of sinners and God gave us the freedom to do as we wish. Also God tests us to show us that without Him we are nothing. Another important aspect is that God can use these bad things to get us somewhere else. An example of this is Joseph being sold into slavery by his brothers. This “bad” thing turned out to be great! Joseph became the pharaoh of Egypt and was later able to help his family that betrayed him. "You meant it for evil, but God meant it for good" (Gen. 50:15) as Joseph said to his family.

Another objection to an existence of God is that there is no evidence to support a God exists. But if you look around you will see there is plenty of evidence of his existence. Think about the Earth and how perfectly it was designed for us. The size produces the exact amount of gravity we can tolerate and perfectly distanced from the sun so we don’t vaporize or freeze. Also think about the human race. Our brain is able to process so much information such as: your body temperature, pressure, emotions, thoughts, eyelid movement, and many others all at once. Did that really just happen through years of evolution? The eye is a great example because it can view over 7 million colors and focus in on everything. Evolution can’t explain how the eye first developed.

The simple fact of man denying there is a God is evidence that there is a God within itself. This is because since men are sinners they are trying to evade the truth about their wrong doings. An example of this is a child stealing something. They are going to keep it a secret and get away from any accusers and of course deny that they stole anything. “While you were doing all these things, declares the Lord, I spoke to you again and again, but you did not listen; I called you, but you did not answer”.,(Jeremiah 7:13) shows how humans know right from wrong and God tells us but some deny Him.

Furthermore I know a God exists because I have seen and experienced Him at work. I have seen a lady that couldn’t move her arm because of a messed up shoulder raise her hands and praise the Lord with only one simple prayer to Jesus (the Messiah). I have seen someone diagnosed with cancer go back for a check-up and have the doctors unable to find the cancer! The miracles that happen on a daily basis just with our redeemers name (Jesus) are amazing!

So, again I ask you do you believe inGod? If your answer is still no the Lord understands your troubles to face the truth. That is why He sent Jesus (Emmanuel) so He would better understand our struggles as humans. If you have given God (Jehovah) a chance I ask that you go to a local church and receive Him. And if you believed from the start I hope I have reinforced your belief in the all powerful, King of Kings, Alpha and Omega. God be with you.

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