The Maze of Light

December 28, 2012

Uh, when will it end? It is as if God intended it to stretch on forever! Why couldn’t I find the right path out?

It was like a maze of light, and a maze of darkness. There were paths of joy, and there were paths of sorrow. For me, certain paths would call my name, and whisper to me about their awesome path.

Most led me down to dead ends, whilst others led me to new forks in the maze. Everywhere, a bright shining light that made me feel...different. I could not tell if it was the good difference, but I can assuredly say, it made me feel different.

Some people, as I passed the crossways, would go into a trail, and then be lost. Others would come out of their paths smarter, and stronger. Whatever is was that they were going through, they always knew the path, and yet, they did not know the path.

A part of their subconscious knew which way to go. But here was the kicker: They did not force it upon their human’s mindset, but allowed the mortal to find their own way out. To allow them to see what they needed, to let them experience things they needed to do, and to later grow out of their shell, and to be guided, once more, by the blinding and sufferable, maze of light.

The author's comments:
I instantly started thinking about all of my struggles, and I suddenly imagined a maze, a maze of which I was a humble mouse, trying to find the road out of the depths of the labyrinth.

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