November 4, 2012
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Have you ever wanted to make a difference? In the bible I remember the story of in the bible it was after jesus fed the 5000 and then the crowdes left. Then Jesus made the disciples go out on the boat while he dismissed the crowds. After he was done he went up on a mountain to pray by himself. Then night came and the disciples were already over a mile away. Their was a storm and the waves were getting rough and Jesus came to the disciples walking on water. (Not knowing it was jesus) they became afraid and begain crying out in fear. Jesus told them it is I. Don't be afraid. Peter said if it is you let me come to you on the water. Climbing out of the boat Peter begain walking on water. But he saw the strength of the wind and was afraid and begain to sink. He cried out to Jesus save me! Them jesus reached out his hand and caught him. Then Peter got back in the boat. The reason I told you this story is because we need to be like Peter and get out of the boat (our comfort zone) every day. But we still have to keep out eyes on God or we will sink. By comfort zone it doesn't even have to bew a big thing it can be like telling someone about God or just praying before you eat. But before you tell someone about God you have to have a clean slate you have to be forgiven by God for your sins our it will just be done in vain. If you need to know more about God just comment on this article and i will tell you as mick as i know. Thank you for reading.

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