Why Man?

April 3, 2012
By Anonymous


How can a good God allow suffering? Why is there so much so turmoil and hate. Why did you do this to me lord. Through out time we have always blamed him and now I’m asking why? It is said in the Bible, Koran, Rig Vedas, etc. That life isn’t fair. No ever said it would be easy. So let me ask this. Who told Hitler to murder 6 million human beings because they wee different? Not God. Who told Harman Cortez to wipe out a entire civilization in the name Spain? Not god. Who told Bin Laden to seek the destruction of the west, Kony to kidnap those little children? Not God. Who told Pol Pot to seek to rewrite history, The Hutus to destroy the Tutsi? Not God. Who told the ku Klux and neo Nazi that it is ok to hate each other do to differences. No God. But who allowed all these things to happen? Man did. It is man allowed all these atrocities to happen. God is just trying to lead the way. So I believe it is time to stop asking why God and start asking why man.

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