April 28, 2012
By evieferrell33 GOLD, Magnolia, Ohio
evieferrell33 GOLD, Magnolia, Ohio
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Light and Darkness are apart of u no matter what, but how u live is on u

Have u ever wonder how the Earth was made, the things that lay beneath it, and the history we can learn from it. Some people believe God created life well others believe evolution. I say both, because God himself created the earth the evolution took place to created what we have today in life. Earth is a wonderful place we humans have to live on along with the creatures we see every day. Earth has water surrounding the edge of the lands we live on and in the waters we see are a world full of water creatures that swim all around, the plants that show color true color to the world under water that these creatures live in. On land we have grass, trees, flowers, animals of all kinds of all sizes and then theirs us humans that take over as well. The wonders u see in Gods a creation are amazing and over time change with evolution going as the earth goes. Many years it takes to do this is long, but it turns out well in the past, but I always wonder as a fourteen year old girl what could be out there in the world of earth. The days are slow and the in a quick of a eye everything goes fast and new things are made and change for we need to be careful in what we do to the home we have. The begging of earth is something we have once from God and a chance to show who we are and that we can take care of our sweet home Mother Earth before we lose her. Life is something we honor with love, caring, helpfulness and our minds to take earth the next step and show what we got with hurting the earth and new things that can help us people in life. I know as growing up that something fasting about the planted we lived on made me more and more carouse to see what’s out there and over time I will do so as I write my book about my home earth.

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life we have

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